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REAL creative.

I'm an East Coast actor, voice actor, pianist, singer, writer, songwriter,

and one of those people who drinks hot coffee year round.

I believe being an artist is a way of life, and I am always learning and trying new art forms.

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My Story

I was born in Northern Virginia but I've been moving around the world my whole life. Living internationally gave me a love of languages and traveling, and a high proficiency with both languages and accents. In addition to being a full-time voice and theatre actor, I still play pop/rock covers in piano bars and for private events, and write my own pop music. You can check out my original stuff on, and on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.... 

I received a BFA in Musical Theatre with a Piano minor at Shenandoah Conservatory in Winchester, VA, studying everything from pop/jazz vocal styles to Shakespeare and  Bach. Over the years, I've dabbled in other instruments (guitar, ukulele, hand percussion) and I've completely fallen in love with the Alexander Technique, vocal technique (Linklater, Chuck Jones, etc...), improv, and comedy writing. You can learn more about my theatre resume and experience here.


I like to think I'll try anything once.

Voice acting is first and foremost about acting. My training has given me perhaps the most solid foundation possible to explore storytelling through voice over:

  • the voice is musical. Having a musician's ear means I can take creative direction as it relates to pitch, tempo, and more

  • having a point of view. Human beings have an opinion about every person, place, and thing they talk about. trained actors understand that and can add depth by having a strong point of view on everything

I'm currently based in Durham, NC, but I work with clients all over the country (and the world!) every week. Sometimes, being in-person matters: I can travel easily to NYC and LA for big sessions, and if you're local, I can easily head to any of the wonderful studios in Raleigh/Durham, or across the state of North Carolina.

REAL experiences

"Kirsten is wonderful to work with! She's a true professional. Her conversational delivery and clear enunciation stood out to me and the client A true talent! I'm definitely adding her to our marketing team's roster of talent."

Paul M.

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